About The Art

I create natural botanical wearable art and metal sculpture through a unique copper electroforming technique, a method I originally developed as a high school science project and have since continually enhanced. My art has been my sole vocation and my passion. Every year, I travel around the world on a mission to collect samples from nature—historic trees, vineyard leaves, noteworthy plant cuttings—and return to my studio, where I capture them in copper. Often finished with lush patinas and accent paint, each piece I create is one of a kind—just as in nature.

I’ve been honored to work on special projects with the White House, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the World Wildlife Fund. My work is also featured in Madeleine Albright’s book Read My Pins.

— Dennis Ray, Owner and Artist, Nature’s Creations

The Natural Jewelry

Our natural jewelry pieces are made from botanical found objects—leaves and blossoms—that are then captured in copper through electroforming, a room-temperature process that layers copper over the cuttings without destroying them. The original botanical item remains intact inside the finished piece of art, preserved forever. Each item is uniquely designed by nature. 

The Impressions

Our impressions are cast from one single natural item—the most perfect specimen we come across—and covered in copper. These finished items do not contain the original natural item when they are complete, but represent a “shadow” of that natural image.

The leaves are natural in size, so imagine a real leaf and that is what you will be getting in the size described in inches.  The finishes of Gold and Silver are as pictured, most are in a soft matte finish.  The Gold will not tarnish but the silver will over time and you are free to polish them with a polish cloth or a liquid dip.

The patinas are Bronze or a "Teal" a mix of Greenish Blue as shown below and the Fall are Bronze patina with hand painted trim embellishments of black or purple..