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Ginkgo Spray Natural Pin

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The Ginkgo Biloba tree has a long and rich history in Asia. Known as the fossil tree, the leaves are a symbol of long life and good health while the fruit’s tea is thought to enhance brainpower and memory. Bringing the Ginkgos together with a branch will give it more of a sculpture look, yet still keeping its true beauty.

All of our pieces are created to be worn as pins but also have the option to be twisted on to our wax lining necklaces or bracelet accessories. To add an accessory or matching earring, see additional information below and add a size and color option to the item.

The jewelry is created by capturing an all natural leaf in copper and therefore will look similar to the one pictured but will not be exactly as shown.  Nature is diverse and so are our one of a kind jewelry pieces.  We hope you embrace your adoption as unique.


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ginkgo fan spray natural pin.jpg

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